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Monday, August 6, 2018


Materials (1d20) Physical Description Special Properties
1. Impossible Light A physical force from another universe, somewhat comparable to electromagnetism. Can vaguely be described as a spectrum perpendicular to the visible light spectrum, intersecting at green, such that the low end is infra-green and the high end ultra-green. However, this is just how the visual system of mortals transduces impossible light, and not an "objective" representation of it. The visual system of mortals was not meant to process impossible light- longterm exposure can lead to visual impairment and thought disorder. It is also a source of energy to certain lifeforms. It is also the metaphysical embodiment of subjective perception.
2. Absolute Solid A super-dense pinkish material, so dense that it appears hyper-real, like a cartoon across the uncanny valley. It is incredibly durable, but can be physically oppressive even to the touch. It is the metaphysical embodiment of materialism, egocentrism, and anti-love.
3. Liquid Starfire A super-hot, greasy, yellowish liquid-plasma-like substance. It has a glassy shimmer, like it is constantly shifting state. While dangerously hot, it is super-rich in energy, and addictive to those who can metabolize it. It is the metaphysical embodiment of mania, unstable states / transformation, and hunger / addiction / wanting.
4. Anti-Information A hard, smooth, stone-like material projecting cyan features like a holographic plate. Raw information-substance from another universe where physics and logic are fundamentally different from our own. Exposure to anti-information can be madness-inducing. Useful for a-logical encoding and encryption.
5. Meridian Metal A super-cold, frosty, non-conductive jade-like metal. There is always error in the paraverse, and meridian metal is solidification of that error. It is effectively Information-substance, the equivalent of anti-information but native to the paraverse. While electromagnetically inert, it is a powerful conductor for phreaking and certain other magics.
6. Roth Obsidian An obsidian-like stone which can be carved and sanded into translucent, amber-like sheets or plates. Can have kaibermancy code projected onto it, making it useful for augmented-reality-like monitors and visual aids. Commonly used as a "spellbook" by phreakers using kaibermancy.
7. Byzma Metal A saturated, durable, crystalline, rainbow-colored metal. When carved or smelted properly by a byzma-smith, byzma metal weapons can be made to orbit around their corresponding armor, and have boomerang-like or even more complex programmatic behaviors. This practice started with the garlic knights during the Psilosymbiote Wars.
8. Fey Wood When a nuno ingests cursed wood, it fatally excretes black or metallic silver fey wood. In addition to being harder and more durable than most metals, it also imposes "narrativist" principles. A ship made from fey wood will only crash, capsize, get lost, etc. when it would serve some grander narrative. If necessary for the narrative, it can even do the impossible. Left unused, it will grow into a Qhuaos Tree, which grows Qhuaos Quinces.
9. Fuchsia Phosphene Crystal A fuchsia-colored crystal, said to have fallen from the stars long ago. The crystal is fairly soft and easy to shape, and can even be pulverized and re-shaped into thread. The fuchsia light produced from the crystals is utilized by the fuchsia phosphenomenologists. The phosphenes allow them to interface with their multi-dimensional neural network god-book the Fuchsia Phosphenomenomicon. They can also use their fuchsia crystal-thread whips to lash or grapple their enemies and subject them to the mind magics of the Fuchsia Phosphenom-Panopticon.
10. Prasium A neon green crystal which can replicate itself onto nearby ores and minerals. Emits small amounts of impossible light radiation. It is a powerful source of energy for impossible light-based organisms, but longterm exposure can lead to health problems for most creatures, particularly those with a visual system.
11. Phlogiston A solid material, glowing-hot, ranging in color along the visual light spectrum from least hot (red) to most hot (violet/white). The periodic element of heat in solid form. Must be "fed" hot substances or it will evaporate away.
12. Shoglite A slimy, gummy, fleshy substance. Has properties similar to prokaryotic life or even viruses, but at a much greater level of sophistication. It is not organic in the traditional sense, but neither is it inorganic. It comes in many forms, and in some cases can even change its shape and properties. It is either the building block, or byproduct of shoggoth-based life, including mimics, quendi, and many others. Through a process similar to horizontal gene transfer, it can integrate DNA into itself or integrate itself into the DNA of organic lifeforms.
13. Allium AestusA deep purple colored plant with a garlic-like bulb that flowers like corn. Wild fields, primarily within the Dogu Kingdom, are protected by the alarushk. The corn can be eaten as a staple grain, or used to make yellow jam. The garlic is used by the garlic knights, but is otherwise considered inedible.
14. Allium Ostrum (aka Purple Garlic)The bulb of allium aestus, like a dark purple clove of garlic.Purple garlic is normally inedible. When fermented, it can be consumed, temporarily providing heightened temporal perception and the ability to detach from the paraverse- a necessary component of the martial practices of the garlic knights. When dried, can be crushed into a less potent orange spice. Long-term consumption will eventually turn one into a garlic berserker.
15. Zea Ostrum (aka Purple Corn) The fruit of allium aestus, like a dark purple stalk of corn. Can be eaten as a staple food. If allowed to ferment, it will eventually attract a fungal or fungal-like infection, changing its color to a bright and saturated yellow. The infected corn can be made into yellow jam, used to access the extradimensional tumor-organs utilized by jammers.
16. ChronixA highly potent and addictive, stygian indigo powder derived from purple garlic powder.A small amount of purple garlic powder is homeopathically recursed on itself from across the paraverse within a larger body of charcoal powder or similar substances. The psychoactive is too potent for garlic knights. Users quicklu degenerate into garlic berserkers.
17. Impossigen (aka Water of the Blue Moon)A bubbling blue liquid which appears to be constantly evaporating. It is light and loose, thinner than real water. It does not behave in a manner predicted by hydraulics.It is simultaneously extremely hot and extremely cold, and damaging on a sub-atomic level to normal beings (but not, for instance, impossible or a-logical beings). For impossible organisms, it is as fundamental to life as water.
18. Noxium (aka Fumes of the Green Moon)A thick green gas. The air appears to wave like a temperature or density differential, but this is in fact a wave in the fabric of reality itself. The gas shimmers slowly as it waves. Fat lines of light in intricate and symmetrical patterns snake through the gas.Direct exposure tears most things apart that do not oscillate in phase with it. Long-term exposure to trace, invisible quantities of the gas often leads to the development of anti-cancer, leading either to death or anti-mutation.
19. Astrium (aka Sand of the Red Moon) A red or clay-colored sand, of both small and large grains. A faint glowing, warped pattern like a sky both starry and cloudy arises from within the grains under pressure- a pattern made permanent when glassed.Each grain of sand is the physical embodiment of spaces-as-objects, and is psychokinetically conductive. Astral glass made from astrium is often used to project as an object-as-space.
20. Aether MetalA white, softly glowing metal. Will sometimes rumble, or appear as if about to levitate. Detritus around it will slowly rise.A lightweight metal with gravity-altering properties. Aether metal is a critical component of the aether tactics gear used by aether dragoons. In large quantities it can be used for air or spaceships, although this is rare, difficult, and expensive.


  1. This is FABULOUS. Just, yes. All of the yes. Mirthril and Adamantine got nothing on these beauties.

    1. Thank you :)! As I think I told you, I'm currently working on an OSR Weapons Hack, trying to implement your code to automatize it, and in its current form it includes mostly standard/generic features, but once I get that hack working I'm going to make another version which includes Phantasmos-specific stuff along these lines.