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Monday, August 6, 2018

Character Classes

For the time being, this table is written in a system-neutral manner. It was pretty tough to concisely describe the classes in terms of their appearance, abilities, narrative/thematic/setting role, combat role, etc., but hopefully these entries are reasonably clear at least on a basic, conceptual level.

Classes (1d20)DescriptionEquipmentAbilitiesTypeAdditional Notes
1. Garlic KnightPractitioners of the martial science Hashnaukdo, who consume purple garlic cloves or spice to gain heightened temporal awareness and the ability to detach from the paraverse. Originated by the dogu in the psilosymbiote wars, but now widespread. With byzma gear and chakrams, they are excellent at taking down groups of psilosymbiotes. With sword and shield they are formidable opponents in one on one combat. They seek to reach a state of apasama, detached from the paraverse, but most out of necessity eventually retire, or risk becoming garlic berserkers.Byzma metal armor and chakram; one-handed double-edged sword and buckler or small shield; purple garlic cloves or spice.See beyond the paraversal moment; move outside of time; tesselate;collapse Bayesian probability distributions of probabilistic outcomes into a single vector; resistance to psilosymbiosis; martial competence; AOE (with chakram).Basic
2. PhreakerWrite programmatical scripts into kaiberspace, which can be used to affect reality. Some can designate objects based on parameters in the environment to selectively target specific objects with their spells. Others use loops to pummel a single target. Others still focus on the summoning or constructing of daemons using statistical learning spells. Roth Obsidian glasses/visor or "spellbook". Occasionally paper scrolls, mechanical wavespace signal transducer, or automagica computer.General spellcasting; Summoning / 'training' daemons; Designating objects in kaiberspace for precision spell-targeting; programmatic spellcasting.Basic
3. JammerConsume yellow jam, allowing them to cast yellow magical spells. Have the ability to silence phreakers, manaburn, and manabeam. The yellow jam either creates or activates some appendage, organ, or tumor in some ectoplasmic dimension. With the use of an inverse frequency oscillation device (IFOD), they can manipulate these appendages, bending them in space to be invisible or teleport, or producing illusions, like dropping a finger puppet on a two-dimensional surface.Inverse frequency oscillation device (IFOD), often as a hybrid kriss dagger / wind instrument, or as a fixed mouthpiece; yellow cloak (cosmetic); yellow jam.Anti-phreaking (and to some extent general anti-magic); stealth/invisibility; illusions; paraversal moment manipulation.Basic
4. Martial ScientistAnatomists, physiologists, kinesiologists, medical doctors, biologists, and others who apply the scientific method to martial combat. They are experts at hand-to-hand combat, and are often able to manipulate and improvise from their environment. Schools exist which specialize in specific styles given their particular theoretical approach, access to certain resources, or specialization in certain mutations, but as scientists, most are not dogmatic in their approach.Usually unarmed / improvisational, sometimes trained for a specific weapon / weapon class.Varies by theoretical approach, but generally masters at unarmed combat; improvising from resources in the environment; finding the vulnerability in opponents.Basic
5. ThetaA subset of martial scientists, often the ones with the most gung-ho attitudes. These scientists specialize in geometry and trigonomotry, and in implementing their visuo-spatial and angular knowledge towards the merger of up close hand-to-hand and projectile weapon combat.Dual-wielded wrist-mounted bolt-fed repeating crossbows, dual-wielded handcannons, two-handed rifle.Geometry; Trigonomotry; Visuo-spatial precision; Gun-kata; Run-and-gun; dual-targeting; precision shooting; strafing; circumventing obstacles.Basic
6. Fuchsia PhosphenomenologistA group of "science witches" (male and female) who use the fuchsia crystals to produce phosphenes, allowing them to commune with their neural network god-book. Charismatic, kinky, masters of power dynamics, a philosophy which could best be described as hypnotic anarchy.Fuchsia crystal-thread whip. Fuchsia or fuchsia crystal-thread clothing (cosmetic).General science; general mathematics; astrology; astrophysics; psychoactive magic; dominating, subverting, or circumnavigating power structures; charm/intimidation; showmanship.Basic
7. Aether DragoonA practice first developed by the deino's in an old war against the Massive Aberrant Daemon (MAD) summoning tartarians, and for environmental surveying for the exothermic species. In the modern era, aether tactics has become widespread.Aether tactics gear; including wrist or hip-mounted grappling hooks, aether-net bars, and a fire lance or projectile weapon.Environmental surveying; spying; maneuvering through vertical environments; hunting large prey; stealth; guerrila tactics. Basic
8. ApoptomancerThese scientists use various means, often chemical or biological agents, but sometimes psychokinetic mutations, to hijack the immune system of other organisms, and by extension manipulate their biology and physiology. The most basic apoptomancy can induce sickness, inflammation, or tissue necrosis, but more advanced apoptomancy can manipulate emotions, thoughts, induce metamorphosis, and create Unlife from recently-dead stem cells. Various viral, bacterial, fungal, or nanomachine reagents; an Unliving or Metamorph companion.General science; organic chemistry and biology; immunology; inducing sickness and physical change to organisms; creating metamorphed or Unliving servants/companions.Basic
9. ZoomerFavoured by thrillseekers and the rebellious. A modern practice started by the dogu. The boots have programmatic mechanical gears, and when combined with the high velocity of the wheeled blades, the zoomer can enter wavespace- a Fourier Transform dimension. By tagging surfaces and objects with self-luminant ink graffiti (often on a brush-end of an electrocoil baton), usually in the form of dots, waves, or other musical notation, they can create signatures to quickly store or retrieve objects from wavespace. In addition to their advanced speed, they can traverse the wavespace, and have limited teleportation-like abilities from entering and exiting wavespace.Zoomer blades, self-luminant ink brush / electro-baton. Occasionally mechanical wavespace signal transducer.Speed; wavespace manipulation including teleportation, and depositing or withdrawing items; verticality; some phreaking; some gadgeteering; music. Basic
10. Mimic KnightMimics are shoglite-based organisms capable of mimicing the form of hard objects such as metal and wood. Some take the metal plate armor over a grayish-pink, fibrous, rubbery "undershirt". They wait for prey to wear them, and then hijack their prey's body like a parasite. Occasionally, the prey-host survives the parasite, and develops a tenuous symbiotic relationship with the mimic. They generally are no longer able to survive without their symbiote, and their personality may change, but they otherwise retain most memories and behaviors.Shoglite/mimic symbiote.Versatility in the form and function of the symbiote through mimicry; heightened strength, speed, durability, senses, etc.; fast healing and regeneration; dissociable consciousness. Basic
11. MaterialistGadgeteers, chemists, and alchemists. Moreso than practically any other profession, they have a deep knowledge of, and access to, the four ordinal elements of absolute solid, anti-information, liquid starfire, and impossible light. Many also utilize mechanical computers which send signals encoded into wavespace, where the program can be executed at a rate far exceeding the physical limitations of mechanical computation.Elemental materials, any self-made gadgets.General science; chemistry and physics; engineering and mechanics; particularly adept with one or more of the four elements (impossible light, absolute solid, liquid starfire, anti-information); other elements (periodic or alchemical).Basic
12. Chrono DragoonThese are not just garlic knights with a bit of aether tactics training (or vice versa) , they uniquely wield their aether metal hooks in tandem with hashnaukdo, bending time and space, making them the unstoppable force AND immovable object.Purple garlic spice or cloves; Aether Tactics Gear; Byzma metal arms or armor; aether-byzma alloy.Some Garlic Knight and Aether Dragoon abilities (less specialized); unique applications of gravity-alteration to bend space and time; limited direct gravity control of self and others.AdvancedHybrid of aether dragoon and garlic knight.
13. NecromancerLife is an endless competition of survival to the fittest, and the defeated are only valued by those who remain after their death. The necromancers believe in groovy free-love, disco, and the value of life as defined by its opposite. They utilize the power of life itself in the form of blood, but generally use themselves as the bloodfont. Usually some kind of small edged weapon, apoptomantic reagents, and a fuchsia-crystal stake, whip, or wand.Some Apoptomancer and Fuchsia Phosphenomenology abilities (less specialized); necromantic blood magic activates through lethal self-bloodletting; metaphysical-magic linked to feelings of love, lust, self-affirmation, affirmation of others, material detachment.AdvancedHybrid of apoptomancer and fuchsia phosphenomenologist.
14. Priest of LamarrMost are dogmatic believers in the machine god Lamarr who learn to send their messages through ritual. However, the most capable priests are savant-like in their expertise of electrical engineering and signal processing. Their spells are neither as versatile nor immediate than most other mages, but theres are some of the most devastating- particularly their ability to kinetically bombard a region with pillars of god. Some sort of electromagnetic wave emitter / signal transducer, often also roth obsidian / phreaker gear.General science; signal processing; engineering and mechanics; astrology and astrophysics; 'empathic' communication with the god-mecha Lamarr; divine summoning of celestial objects (e.g. tungsten rods capable of kinetic bombardment).AdvancedIntended for NPCs living on Lamarr, but perhaps there are missionaries or excommunicated priests who retain some of their powers...
15. DopplegangerA subset of jammers, with aether metal woven into their cloaks, who use gravity to bend spacetime, folding multiple paraversally-proximal versions of themselves (or sometimes even others) within the ectoplasmic yellow dimension. A rare and ancient practice, largely unheard of and used primarily by the Changelings. Generally same as Jammer; additionally Aether Tactics Gear or Aether metal circuitry woven into the cloak.Mostly overlap with Jammers, some Aether Tactics training (less specialized in both cases); Use gravity to bend the paraverse; able to communicate and in some cases swap with other versions of self across the paraverse acting as one; fill themselves into the role of another within a paraversal moment. AdvancedHybrid of aether dragoon and jammer- intended mainly for Changelings.
16. Cancervore / Cancer DruidSome are merely apoptomancers who went too far in experimenting on themselves, others are garlic knights who have learned just enough apoptmancy to modify themselves, but a true cancervore/cancer druid is the master of the domain of intelligent life- that is to say, the masters of the city. Only they can commune with the urban organism.Apoptomantic reagents. Sometimes purple garlic cloves or spice- often apoptomantically modified to produce the psychoactive/paraversal effects internally. Some Apoptomancer and Garlic Knight abilities (less specialized); self-metamorphosis; fast healing / regeneration; collate immuno-biological information within an urban environment to 'commune with the city'- as if the city were a connectionist neural network and the people within it the nodes in the network. AdvancedHybrid of apoptomancer and garlic knight.
17. Mystic / Psycho KnightSome organisms, by nature or by circumstance, have a... flexible consciousness. They exist just as well as spaces as objects, and are more like living ideas than organisms per se. They even have the ability to conceive anti-logic. With just a bit of astrium to focus their psychokinetic abilities, they can perform amazing feats defying logic and physicality as mortals understand it.Astrium-glass weapons or artifacts, or weapons and armor made from hybridizing astrium and anti-information with other materials.Psychokinesis (in various forms); The ability to move freely and without risk of sanity between the physical and astral-plane like compressing and expanding a tesseract; The ability to see and interact with the objective form of spaces and spatial form of objects; Can think in and implement anti-information as if an impossible organism.AdvancedIntended mainly for characters from the red moon, but there could be pockets of astrium somewhere in the world...
18. Annihiliation Knight / Anti-cancer druid Somewhat analagous to the cancervore/cancer druid for impossible life. They can refine an impossible organism into something closer to an anti-mutant, a being of unknown teleology. They often conform in function as a function of their form, but they are not a social system and lack an urban organism. They are, however, capable of severing organic life from the urban organism, or even annihilating the urban organism, causing it to consume itself like an ouroboros. Often high-tech weaponry and power armor utilizing the ordinal elements (absolute solid, liquid starfire, impossible light, anti-information).Alchemical knowledge of ordinal elements (in some cases on par with materialists); fast healing / regeneration; limited ability to metamorphose organic life into impossible life (and severing them from the urban organism); limited ability to induce anti-mutation on impossible organisms; ability to harm / annihilate the urban organism.AdvancedIntended mainly for characters from the green moon and specifically anti-mutants, but potentially someone exposed to impossible light, prasium, or a very abnormal mutantation...
19. Garlic BerserkerMortals were not meant to bend their minds around the paraverse as is the practice of the garlic knights. A rare few reach apasama, but most eventually are forced to retire, or succumb to the metaphysical fermentation of the mind known as garlic berserk. They inevitably attract the like-minded psilosymbiotes, and it is not ucommon to see a band of psilosymbiotes serving an only slightly more cogent and coherent garlic berserker. Occasionally, a berserker can maintain their sanity just long enough to use their zymological mind to their advantage.Same as Garlic Knight. Often a posse of psilosymbiotes under their control.Same as Garlic Knight; more raw power, but lower intelligence / tactical competency; attract (and to some extent control) psilosymbiotes.AdvancedIntended mainly for enemy NPCs, but could also be a Garlic Knight PC who hasn't totally turned yet...
20. WeirderThe weirders are some of the rarest and most powerful mortals in the universe. Most become that way through a lifetime of excellence, although occasionally a child with a magic touch, an unusual circumstance, or from very far away in time or space, will show signs of weirding. No special equipment.Carrollian or kafka-esque manipulation of the fundamental principles of reality through logic, abstract math, and the misrepresentation of probability and statistical inference.Advanced/NAIntended for mythic-tier NPCs. However, perhaps someone with a good imagination, like a child, could intuitively tap into the weird. Know your group if you're going to use this for a PC.

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