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Thursday, November 8, 2018

Superpowers (or Mutations)

This is a list of 100 (!) superpowers / mutations. There are already amazing tools out there like the metamorphica revised, so I wanted to keep these superpowers in the spirit of Weird & Wonderful; I really don't think you'll be able to find most of these in any other list of powers or in the Marvel or DC universes or any other pre-existing superhero setting or book. In addition to all of my usual inspirations, one of the big inspirations for this table is the manga/anime My Hero Academia and the "quirks", but probably my main superhero comic influences are Jack Kirby, Alan Moore, and most of all Grant Morrison.

I did not design these powers with game-implementation in mind. I think many of them could be implemented in OSR or other rules-light systems fairly easily, but there are some that might be quite difficult, and may be better suited for enemies/NPCs or plot devices. I figure with 100 powers, it's ok if a few of them are a little too tricky to make work in-game (although I think with enough creativity any of them could theoretically work).

If I'm being honest, I don't feel a strong impetus to convert each of these into usable game mechanics, that just doesn't excite me personally, but this is a case where I would very gladly crowd-source! I would love to have implementations for these powers, I just don't have the desire to do it alone.

Likewise, if this table is well-received, I'd like to follow it up with either a collection of superheroes designed around these powers (in which case I may provide game mechanic implementations for those heroes), or even more than that, I'd like to crowd-source an entire superhero universe around these powers! It would be a present-day or near-future "real world" setting, but other than that we can brainstorm what some of the hero and villain teams would be like, distribute powers, and come up with those heroes and villains and teams, again ideally with game mechanics. While I do already have a superhero setting, World of Wonders, that one is a very alternate-universe with specific premises, and the "weirdness" of these powers I think might get a bit lost in that setting.

One last thing before the table, if you have not done so already and it is still November 2018, please take my survey!

With all that being said, here's the list!


NOTE: If you catch any bugs in these generators please let me know! Even though I've tested the script, it's almost certain that something will have slipped past me >.<.

I was told that my HTML tables don't work well on mobile, so I'm hoping these backward/forward or number-entry tools, in addition to the randomizer, will be helpful for people!

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1Aether alchemyCan create fields of manipulated gravity, altering gravity within a local environment, or concentrating the fields into gravity beams and gravity bombs. Can use this power to fly by free-fall.
2AlkahestHas yellowish-orange skin, with a touch of red. Their touch is like a universal solvent, and can dissolve any molecule into its basic elements.
3A-logicalThey enter a state where they operate under a fundamentally different set of logic and physics than that which we understand about our universe. They are physically (and seemingly emotionally and intellectually) unstable in this state, but may be capable of doing or solving the impossible.
4Altered shadowThere is platonic realm, and reality as we know it is just its shadow. There are, however, many other realms between the platonic and our own, and some of these realms serve as filters. The filters separate the essence of the platonic forms into altered shadows, coexisting with reality as we understand it but normally inaccessible. This individual's shadow is altered, containing one or more of their shadow-selves within it. The shadows can interact with the world like ghosts, like a haunting presence. They creep into the perceptions of those around them, subtly influencing their mental state. They have a limited ability to interact with objects, levitating them, or tossing them about. Under duress, they can even take a semi-corporeal form, acting with superhuman strength and agility.
5Artist's touchTheir touch imbues objects or surfaces with an inherent, aesthetic sense of "art". Likewise, by touching art, they can extract the aesthetics from it. The object or surface does not change, merely others' perceptions of it.
6ASMR auraTheir whispers oscillate at an impossible frequency, activating the pineal glands, the meridians, chakra, and pleasure centers in the brain, spine, and extremities. If they transmit a sufficient amount of chi into an object or person, they alight with an aura of spiritual energy, providing superpowers such as super strength, speed, durability, flight, energy projection, teleportation, and metaphysical awareness.
7BallisticOnce they set a trajectory and engage, they commit to the motion. The shorter the distance, the less power is accumulated, but even a movement as simple as stepping into a punch applies above-human force. While on trajectory (and only while on trajectory), a kinetic mesh forms around and within them such that they are safe from the speed and impact of the ballistic movements, but they do not otherwise have superhuman durability.
8Binary causalityTwo solutions to a deductive problem can be simultaenously proved (1+1 = [2,3]). The separate effects of these two proofs also occur simultaneously, up until reality would become terminally unstable. At that point, reality converges on the single, original proof, although the outcome events during the period of binary causality still occurred and can affect future outcomes.
9Black iridescenceCreates semi-translucent black bubbles reflecting various colors along a cyan/yellow/magenta spectrum. Within each bubble another dimension or universe can be viewed, and to a limited extent, interacted with.
10Blue hiveA literally blue-blooded, amazon-like superwoman. Speed, strength, agility, intelligence; the full package. Excretes pheremones which can influence others to do her bidding. Nutritious royal jelly courses through her veins. Small amounts can provide sustenance or minor super powers, but if a fatal amount of jelly is drained from her, whoever consumes the jelly will become the new Queen in Blue (regardless of their original gender).
11Bone creepThey are still physiologically animal, but look and behave more like a plant, like coral. Their main body is a patch of forest of bone-trees centered around a gigantic tree, their original self. However, their consciousness is distributed across all of their offspring, varying in sizes and shapes. Sometimes they inhabit a humanoid bio-feedback suit with a small bone-plant in order to interact effectively with the animal world, but they generally think of themselves as more akin to plants, fungi, and coral.
12Cognition-reality interfaceThe subtleties of their subjective perceptions and cognitive biases manifest into the objective reality around them.
13Cognitive compressionThe majority of their body tissue is composed of ganglions, clusters of nerves. Their brain, their cognitions or mental representations, are distributed across their entire body, with redundancies. If they are critically harmed or mutilated, they can compress their knowledge and memories, reverting to a simple, child-like, or animalistic state, until they can regenerate and decompress their cognition. Even with redundancies, they have a supergenius intellect, and the ability to flexibly construct or hold multiple mental representations, essentially superhuman multitasking.
14Cosmic cookingHas a natural inclination towards cooking. Can produce amazing food with relatively simple ingredients. Somehow produces a larger quantity of food than ingredients. The food often contains flavors not obviously represented by the ingredients, including flavors otherwise never tasted before and not of this world. Their food also has supernatural health qualities such as immunity boosting, healing, stimulating, tranquilizing, and benefits to mental health.
15DialecticHas a supernatural ability to engage in argumentation.They utilize a proportion of logos, pathos, and ethos as needed in any given context, formal logic, evidence-based reason, tone of voice, body language, etc., such as to be masters of argumentation. Even when they are objectively wrong, or less knowledgable than their audience, they make strong points. They are not supernaturally charismatic per se, nor have psychic abilities to manipulate minds. Despite being supernaturally gifted at argumentation, they are not necessarily gifted manipulators; their audiences are not necessarily moved to change their beliefs or behaviors given the argument per se.
16Doppler shiftCreates an internal model of wave effects in an environment relative to position, and can alter the perceptions of others in the environment to perceive the wave as if they were positioned elsewhere, like hearing a fast-moving loud noise passing from behind as if it were passing from ahead.
17Dragon callHas a psychic connection to an ancient organism orbiting the planet. It's a massive kaiju-sized creature with a serpentine body, generally in the shape of a spiral with its head at the origin. Its scales are actually densely-packed tardigrades of varying tones, an ever-shifting psychedelic wiggling pattern, orbs like the eyes of a spider, the geometry is fractal time. Its face is vaguely like a rat crossed with a carp. When summoned, it either crashes into the atmosphere, face-down, like a cosmic ballista, or instead hovers down to the lower atmosphere, twisting and spiraling, drawing energy, and pummeling the earth with a beam of milky energy in the shape of a drill. The dragon does not always heed the call, and does not always wish to return to its orbit after its work is done.
18Dry iceHas the ability to super-cool carbon dioxide in the air to produce and manipulate dry ice. Their body contains a natural anti-freeze agent that makes them highly resistant to freezing, and even if they do freeze, they maintain cell integrity when unfrozen.
19Eldritch bloodThere is something in the blood. When it releases from the body, uncanny things happen. Powerful blood tentacles, blood lasers, a red pool of carnivorous eldritch things. There is great power in the blood.
20ElectromagnetrodeFingertips are electromagnetrodes. They can sense the electrical activity from an environment or surface with effectively zero impedance. They have an entire sensoriperceptual mechanism that performs both analog and digital signal processing, signal to noise tuning, and dynamic range tuning, to sense the electromagnetic signal at much higher spatial and temporal precision than any currently employed scientific tool (e.g. EEG, MEG, ECoG, etc.).
21ExtrapolationGiven some sequence (minimum two observations), they produce the next in the set. If given two apples of increasing ripeness, redness, size, etc., they will produce a third apple as one might predit from a statistical model estimate.
22Extra-sensomeSecrete particles around an area which send and receive various sensory signals along a cascade back to the host organism.
23Flash-frameCan perform ritualistic movements of finesse, like the drawing and slashing of a katana (iaido), the quick-drawing of a gun in a Western-style duel, the dealing of cards, etc., with supernatural speed as if in a single frame of animation.
24Force of willTheir will is so indomitable that they can impose upon reality, or rather, they impose upon their own perception of reality and the subjective gestalt of all perceptions of reality. By willing themselves to be unseen, it is as if they are invisible, although the light does not reflect or refract off of them in any unusual way. The less plausible the action or state, or less naturally inclined others would be to believe it, the more difficult it is for them to impose their will upon them.
25Fractal cartographerDespite our limited perception of three-spatial and one-temporal dimensions, the universe can be more parsimoniously explained by a fractal model. The cartographer has an intuitive understanding of this fractal, non-integer geometry. As a result, so long as they can deduce their position at least one-dimensionally (i.e. they are not blinded or in absolute darkness and can draw a mental line between themselves and some environmental feature), they have perfect dead reckoning. Additionally, they have an intuitive sense of the fastest route between nodes in a circuit, supernatural sensorimotor processing of geometry, and the ability to escape seemingly closed circuits.
26Gamma builderAbsorbs transient gamma energy from throughout the cosmos (or beyond the universe itself). The high-energy rays collide inside them, turning into usable energy and even mass, allowing them to grow into a monstrous, superhuman brute, project energy, and even produce simple molecules. They also produce anti-matter/energy in the anti-matter universe, although they do not normally have conscious control over this process (unless they are in the anti-matter universe, in which case the reverse is true).
27Geothermal proboscisA symbiotic organism like a trilobyte is latched to their face like a mask with a probiscis. When placed in a natural body of water or against unimpeded earth, the head of the proboscis sends a transmission signal of unknown composition deep into the planet, drawing geothermal energy in massive quantities and defying the square law. In addition to negating the need for sustenance, the energy can also be used to short-circuit electronic devices or cause them to explode.
28GoopA sack of smart-goo. It can create semi-solid lattice structures to give itself shape, and by default takes an oblong shape with two arm-like tendrils, and can occupy and manipulate solids such as armors or body suits. It can regenerate from near-complete destruction within a matter of hours. It is homeopathic, it can absorb small quantities of substances and replicate its chemical composition within the goop.
29GroundhoggerThey can revert time to 24 hours in the past from any current moment (and will instinctively do so if they die), maintaining any knowledge or skills they developed over the course of the no longer existent day. However, this means they also maintain their age; every time they use this ability, they are one day older.
30Hyper-dimensionalExists in a higher dimension. Their manifestation in spacetime as we understand it is like pressing a thumb on paper, the circumference of the thumbprint would be the two-dimensional manifestation of the thumb. Like the thumb lifting off one place on the paper and pressing onto a different place, they can similarly interact with spacetime from their higher dimension.
31Hyper-planar compressionCan condense ~6 seconds of time into three-dimensional space. Can only hold one compressed hyper-time at a time. Spacetime may be altered within the hyper-time, and the effects will hold when the hyper-time is expanded.
32HypnowogTheir eyes are actually the bellies of extra-dimensional tadpoles with a spiral shape that swirls as they wiggle. The swirl is hypnotic, and those who look into their eyes are calmed and open to suggestion (but will only act on suggestions they would reasonably be willing to do). The eye-to-eye contact with lifeforms feeds the tadpoles, and eventually they will metamorphose into... something.
33Imbue lifeBy holding objects, they imbue a form of metaphysical life into them. A brief touch imbues barely an insect-like intelligent, but a frequently worn or held item may develop human-like sapience. The objects can communicate thoughts by touch, and over time can provide skills and affect the mind-state of the wielder. For instance, a gun may imbue precision shooting skills but also feelings of violent rage.
34InterpolationGiven some sequence (minimum two observations), they produce a new observation in the middle which best fits the set. If given two apples of increasing ripeness, redness, size, etc., they will produce an apple in between the two as one might predict from a statistical model estimate.
35Irritating presenceThey have the uncanny ability to annoy everyone in their vicinity. Even the most patient, most passionate individual is tested in their presence. It may be something about their physical appearance, perhaps they are gross or awkward-looking, mismatched clothing, stains on their clothes. It may be the way they stare, or fail to make eye contact. The cadence of their speech or the sound of their voice. Weird mouth noises or body grumblings. Too loud or too quiet; too oblivious or too attentive. Bad breath. You feel their presence over your shoulder. You hear a dissonant and irregular buzzing or tapping in your head. You feel an itch underneath your skin.This is not just any irritant, this is like the one-sided phone call in the neighbor's apartment while you're trying to sleep. It is the irritant that is all-consuming and cannot be ignored. They do not have many friends.
36Karmic awarenessThey have both a cosmic awareness, and magic-like abilities to impose upon reality. However, these powers are mutually exclusive, and contingent on their degree of attachment to the physical world (measured in units of karma). If they cling to materiality, they become much more powerful, but lose their cosmic awareness and experience deep existential suffering. If they become too attached, they become a powerful asura demon, but lose their personhood. If they relieve themselves of all karma, they become physically frail and catotonic, but their essence has transcended into something like divinity.
37KintsugiWhenever they are cut or break a bone or strain a muscle, it becomes stronger when healed and turns gold.
38Letter of the lawHas a supernatural ability to identify rules, regulations, laws, bureaucratic organization, etc., and additionally to either find the loopholes in them, or enforce them through legal writing, counseling, or courtroom tactics.
39LignomancyThey have the ability to control wood, but only when it's dead and mutilated. Kindling, paper, crafts, and pulp. The more processed the carcass the better. They are a necromancer of a kind, feeling for the cold patches in the distributed consciousness of seeds and sap.
40Living systemA being existing as an idea or mental representation, or more accurately, a self-organizing, distributed network. It exists across many organisms, or maybe even whole institutions or species. It is not a "hive-mind". There is no "Queen". It cannot be destroyed without isolating it from all of reality. It can only be predicted, or manipulated.
41Logical gestaltIf a postulated argument is not cogently refuted, it becomes objective Truth to anyone in the vicinity who could have refuted it, even if it is objectively wrong. If the power fails to work, it is objective Truth that the argument was cogently refuted.
42Macro microbiomeThe bacteria in the gut microbiome have become sentient, and symbiotically work with their host to give them peak-level or even enhanced intelligence, strength, agility, etc.
43Manic greaseGreasy skin, covered in acne, a body of loose fat. They exude grease vapor, staining the environment around them. A stifling heaviness builds in the air. Normally slow and unhealthy, they can temporarily harness their store of grease and fat into superhuman strength and speed.
44MatrioshkaRather than growing and replacing cells, they started as a tiny person, and grew a new person over the old person. They are currently the size of a large humanoid but have many smaller selves within them, called hummunculi. If the hummunculi exit the body, they will grow into new people. It is not clear how deep / how small the hummunculi go, nor how large they can become.
45MemeticTheir photos, drawings, writings, etc., tap into the metaphysical collective unconscious, virally infecting culture within a matter of days. Often the tail of the meme lasts only just as long.
46Moment analysisAny single moment in spacetime can be stored at 100% resolution in a pocket dimension for later examination.
47Mu genderThey look neither masculine nor feminine, nor androgynous nor agendered. Despite being identifiably of their species, there is something alien or bestial about them from the perspective of a typical member of their species. When they embrace another member of their species with mutual affection skin-to-skin, a weak membrane connects them, and some unidentifiable energy or substance is osmotically passed between them. Within 1d10 hours, 1d4 soft, wriggling, baseball-sized eggs form. Each egg is a gestating new universe composed of some emotional state like positive affirmation or unconditional love. The eggs can repeat emotional universes, but each egg has its own psychic imprint, or it's own personality, that will never exist again. If the eggs are allowed to hatch in 1d6 weeks, they disappear from the universe and are never to be seen again, but may be visited by multiversal beings. If instead they are prematurely hatched, they create a field of emotional energy for 1d6 minutes, but the pocket universe will be unstable, consume itself, and die, never to reach its full potential.
48Naked maskA featureless blank mask of plastic, wood, or metal is inextricably attached to their face, covering everything except their eyes, nostrils, and mouth. The mask projects constantly shifting and overlapped faces of artificially generated people. For as uncanny as this may seem, they seamlessly blend into crowds and slip from minds.
49NarrativisticTheir life is a narrative, and conforms to pre-conceived theories of storytelling and narrative arcs such as the Hero's Journey or Greek Comedy or Tragedy. They are not necessarily aware of this fact, they just know there is something supernatural about how their life has progressed. Even if they correctly guess or discover their narrative, it cannot be avoided.
50Numinous tendrilsA four-dimensional hyper-torus of warped spacetime hovers inches behind them to their back, roughly proportional to their size. Tendrils seep from the hyper-torus, sometimes human, sometimes of other terrestrial creatures, sometimes altogether alien. The tendrils are like inverse-sensory organs, not sensing their environment, but projecting sensory signals into their enviornment. Sometimes they project warmth, sometimes cold; sometimes a sense of the divine, and sometimes a sense of horror.
51Operator systemThey can interface with electronic hardware directly, serving as their own BIOS/firmware/operating system. The electronic devices they create can only be used by them, are powered by their own energy, and can leverage both the computer hardware itself and the raw power and unmatched complexity of their organic body to function as a supercomputer beyond current technological limitations.
52Orgone accumulationSex magic. By engaging in consensual sex where both partners receive pleasure (do not have to orgasm, although if both parties orgasm more orgone is produced), they collect orgone energy, an anti-entropic force. The orgone can be used for general superpowers (strength, speed, durability, dexterity, etc.), but can also be used to reverse the effects of thermodynamic, and more generally all Shannon entropy. It can halt combustion, reverse oxidation, restore corrupted data, etc.
53Orthogenetic mutateThe more frequently they engage in an activity, the more they change, both genotypically and phenotypically, to be better suited to that activity. In the span of weeks they can grow long arms to grab fruit from trees, or winged membranes to glide across longer distances. Their adaptations don't go away unless a mutually-exclusive activity causes adaptation in the opposite direction (e.g. long to short arms). They become genetically more complex, and unexpected properties emerge from the interactions of their adaptations. They become increasingly alien to their original species. There are patterns in their genetic code that do not appear accidental. The mutation appears teleological. They are mutating into... something...
54OscillatorTheir entire body subtly vibrates at a certain frequency, frequencies, or cross-frequency couples/triplets/etc. Other objects and organisms in the environment entrain to these oscillations. By oscillating at frequencies corresponding to brain activity, radio transmitters, vocal transmission, etc., they can outright disrupt, or subtly manipulate, these systems.
55PanopticonHas a baroquial, uncanny, holy appearance. Two large, nested wheels covered in bright eyes encircle them, and a smaller set of many-eyed, nested wheels swirl overhead like a halo. Can create a wheel-shaped spirit field centered on themselves, nearly football field sized, where they can sense the motives and intentions of those within the field. They can only sense one individual at a time, but can cycle rapidly, and there is no obvious indication that one is being sensed.
56Paradigm shiftThey identify the system dynamic, and disrupt it. The shift must be lateral, the stronger fighter doesn't become weaker, but the circumstances of the fight change such that the skills of the weaker fighter become more advantageous. They are not able to control exactly how the paradigm shifts; it emerges statistically, but as the origin of the shift, they may be able to capitalize on it. They are even able to paradigm shift their own cells, inducing mutations driven by founder effects or population bottlenecks.
57Paradoxical pigmentationIs chimeric or impossible-colored, or has a color outside the electromagnetic spectrum, or is simultaneously two or more colors, or is colored and invisible, or some other paradox. The paradox is physically straining on the visual system and also existentially painful. It is impossible to remember their appearance, and to attempt to recall them reactivates the visual strain and existential pain.
58ParthenogenicCan asexually produce clones. Conception and birth occur within an hour, the clones reach maturity within a day, and they are permanent and independent lifeforms. Occasionally a half-clone is birthed. The half-clones may have a different gender or slightly different phenotypical traits.
59Penrose person Their body is an optical illusion, like a penrose triangle or MC Escher painting. They appear normal from most forward-facing perspectives, but their unusual geometry makes them difficult to target or physically interact with.
60Perpetual motionDoes not require sustenance and can maintain physical properties indefinitely. However, the longer they violate the laws of thermodynamics, the more reality breaks around them. To restore order in reality, they must consume as much energy as the deficit in reality they created.
61PhotobombAppears like a photographic negative of themselves, and can project a ~10x10 photo-field around themselves. The field is like a spatial-frequency filter, which they can use to extend their own photo-negative, produce Gaussian (or some other kind of) spatial-frequency noise, filter luminance (leaving only color), filter color (leaving only luminance), or other similar manipulations of light.
62Pierce-borgAny technological or magical devices woven into or onto their body through body piercings integrate into their nervous system and are powered by their own energy (even if this should be impossible, like a mechanical device made of wood). A body-pierced cyborg.
63Planar compressionCan condense a roughly human-sized portion of three-dimensional space into a flat surface, a flat surface into a line, or a line into a point. The mass, energy, and other properties of the space remain constant. They can only maintain one compressed space at a time. Where the compressed space once filled is now negative-space. When the compressed space is no longer maintained, it returns to its full dimensionality, but if moved, does not return to its original location, although its expansion does lead to the negative-space being filled, even if not by its original contents.
64Plant personDespite their humanoid/animal appearance, they are a plant. They can root into the ground to absorb water and nutrients, and photosynthesize. In this state, they experience a dream-like consciousness and a connection with the plantosphere of the world. They can temporarily take on superpowered traits of the plants they touch.
65Platonic visionSees into the Platonic realm, the ideal form of all things. This provides unique insight into the nature of the world, and protection against most forms of deception or obfuscation.
66Positronic powerThey exist partially in the universe and partially in the anti-universe. An energetic, iridescent, crackling membrane protects the universe/anti-universe from violent collision. Piercing the membrane to the diameter that even a single electron and positron could meet would create explosive gamma energy. Were the membrane ever to be fully torn, the universe and anti-universe would annihilate each other.
67Quantum positioningCan transport their entire body to any location within the path of any of their sub-atomic particles instantaneously. Within that range they can be anywhere in any moment.
68Quantum travellerHas the ability to instantly shrink to sub-atomic proportions to enter a quantum microverse (the quantumverse). Physical principles operate differently in the quantumverse; no matter how much time they spend in either universe, only mere moments have passed in the other universe. They physically age separately in each universe, and no matter how long they are in one, when they return to the other they remember their exact state as if they had never left, the memories of the other universe dream-like and difficult to access or interpret. Across universes they may carry over useful knowledge or skills, or even small artifacts.
69ReticulationTheir neurons have fused into a single, continuous network. It is efficient, but slow to adapt, and incapable of change. They connect things, physically and metaphysically. Shoes tie themselves, car or foot traffic swells, social networks form around them. Sometimes these formations are functional, sometimes they entangle like a rat king, ugly and painful and trapped in place.
70RetropathCan go back in time (generally up to one minute in the past) and change their behavior, altering the future, but maintaining their memories of the original events.
71RoachHard exoskeleton, proportional strength and speed of a cockroach, limited gliding/flight, pheromones, allergic reaction. Their abilities extend beyond those of a literal cockroach, extending into the symbolism of a creature capable of adapting and surviving.
72Saiga-suitedHas an alien-looking face reminiscent of a saiga antelope. Its deep breaths can be used as a vacuum, to filter harmful particles in the air or even extract breathable air from water, superheat and supercool itself, and control its internal pressure. It can even survive (at least temporarily) in the vacuum of space.
73Sees the fourth wallIs aware that they are a fictional character, and has some degree of awareness of the Real World. Nothing they do can convince the other beings in the fictional world of this fact; they will have absolute cognitive dissonance. However, they can still meaningfully utilize this knowledge to serve themselves, even if nobody can acknowledge how they're doing it.
74ShagThey can grow long, strong, shaggy hairs over their entire body and articulate each one individually. Each strand of hair is as strong as steel and electroconductive. The tickling and caressing of the hairs create static shocks that may be mildly or extremely painful, but also induce pleasure, arousal, pain-relief, and even psychedelia, like super-powered acupuncture.
75Smooth operatorHave a superhuman ability to read body language, intonation, visual cues, micro-expressions, etc., and manipulate people by responding to these cues in specific ways. They can even subtly alter their physical appearance to evoke the desired response from others. While not as powerful as outright empathic reading, telepathy, or shapeshifting, what makes them so dangerous is that they are inconspicuous.
76Sonic waveCan create high-amplitude, broadband-frequency vocalizations. They can produce waves of sonic energy in the air powerful enough to push back or knock over a humanoid-sized creature, and in water or certain other liquid mediums, these waves are even more powerful, cover a wider area and have a longer range. When projected against solid surfaces, the sonic waves can shatter or break all but the hardest and densest of materials.
77Soothing beamsCan project beams of rainbow from their hands. The beams provide a feeling of warmth and soothes pain, but no actual protection from the cold or healing. Those touched by the beams, if they are capable of love, experience self-affirmation and contentedness. Hostility drains from them, and they re-examine their decisions. In certain cases, the beam sets off a cascade of personal growth which extends beyond the brief duration of the effect of the beams.
78SpiralbourneTheir face is a series of semicircular tubes, the back of their head is in a spiral like a cochlea or nautilus shell. The top of their head is like romanesco broccoli. Their eyes are corkscrew-shaped, spiraling to a point at both ends. Their body is cartilagenous and flexible. They move in slink, spacetime itself curving, or, perhaps, their movements make salient the non-euclidean curves of spacetime. They are naturally attuned to nature and life. Although they have taken many forms, they have always been, and will always be. They are present at the epicenter of spacetime and at its logarithmic bound.
79State shiftCan change the physical state of inorganic molecules, e.g. gas, liquid, or solid, without changing their temperature or pressure, and even when the molecule could otherwise never be in that state. The effect only lasts while the state shifter is concentrating. Afterwards the molecules return to their original state or as close to it as possible. They can also shift molecules into plasma, but only in quick bursts, and this usually makes it impossible for the molecules to return to their original state or shape.
80Sub-spaceA metaphysical pocket dimension is stretched over reality, the size of a small room. Within the field, people go into a hypnotic-like state and take on either a hyper-dominant or hyper-submissive persona, or sometimes switch between them. The submissives follow the commands of the dominants, but only if the commands are things they would be willing to do in the first place. The dominants give commands, but are compelled to only command the submissives to do things they would want to do anyway, but might be too afraid or ashamed to do otherwise. A field of mutual disinhibition where psychosocial power is manifest and social structure breaks apart and recombines in new and often exciting ways.
81Super proprioceptionConscious awareness of (and control over) internal and autonomic bodily processes such as metabolism, healing, bloodflow, breathing, etc.
82Symbol generatorThey condense ideas into symbols. Each symbol is unique, but may share properties that make two or more symbols analogical, and by extension, mathematically derivable. The symbols do not exist physically, but are more like an object-oriented source code overlaid on reality. The symbols contain methods which can be cast as spells, affecting objects or concepts for which the symbol represents in ways that seem "magical", but must still have some internal logic, and is necessarily subordinate to real logic.
83Synchrous flowThey have an intuitive understanding of rhythm and sequence, of music and dance. More than that, events synchronize to their rhythm, like how random music tracks seem to synchronize to trailers. They and those they coordinate with enter a flow-state, where they reach peak performance in their coordinated task, almost as if detached from time.
84Template brainCan produce egg-like sacs of stem cells, and offload their consciousness into the eggs, or onto sufficiently powerful supercomputers, and start anew. They can observe the inner-workings of these consciousnesses and simulate environments to test or alter them. They can trade their current consciousness with one of these stored consciousnesses. Creating a new consciousness from scratch would normally take years, but they have learned how to create and rapidly train new consciousnesses into functional states by bootstrapping to previously trained consciousnesses.
85TesselationThey exist simultaneously in the present, six seconds in the future, and each moment in between, creating a tesselation effect when they are in motion. Existing simultaneously in the present and future means they have both awareness of the future and the ability to act upon it in the present. In order to speak coherently, they must space their words by six seconds.
86Third strikeThey cannot fail at a specific task more than three times. However, the consequences of failing for a third time are proportional to the benefit of never again failing at the task.
87Three bodiesThree developmentally-stunted bodies linked by a single head. The bodies are capable of acting independently or in coordination for tasks utilizing muscle memory or procedural memory.
88Tooth gnasherRows and rows of teeth of any shape or size, the ability to grow dentate-based tusks, fangs, and horns. Each tooth is implanted with an emotionally challenging thought or memory and so long as that tooth is present, the thought or memory remains fresh. The teeth must be violently torn from their socket, and can either be used as weapons or projectiles. If the teeth penetrate into the bloodstream, the recipient experiences the negative emotions associated with that tooth.
89Trinary counselThree brains are interconnected as part of a single consciousness, but each has a unique personality and perspective. They utilize competitive dynamics to test mental representations against each other, leading to super-genius intellect, a more "objective" perspective, and enhanced empathy.
90Uncanny organismTheir appearance is disturbing. They are not ugly, just "wrong", like an imperfect computer generated model of a person, or a charicature, or a realistic portrait in a stylized cartoon.
91UndefinedTheir physical form is merely a projection. They exist within a Riemann Sphere, within an undefined dimension a/0. They have limited ability to physically interact with the world, but can sense probabilistic/relativistic quantum states and the complex plane of mathematics.
92VantablackDarker than dark; stands out in anything less than absolute darkness. Because they absorb all light, they have no visible contours, giving them a two-dimensional or amorphous appearance. The rate of light absorption slowly accelerates, first dimming the light in a room, eventually leading to total darkness.
93Vector sharpnessAt the atomic level, every row and column of the individual is organized as a perfect, atom-width edge, giving them a pixelated appearance. As much force as the individual can produce can be leveraged into the area of an atom, giving them supernatural sharpness to slice into or through most materials.
94Viral incubatorCan create or alter viruses. They can be pathogens, vaccines, bio-markers, or even alter the phenotypes of those who contract a given virus.
95Visual distortionGenerates traces of stochastic visible light radiation producing visual noise, visually distorting the surrounding area like a funhouse mirror or a spatial frequency filter.
96Vorpal solventWhen wielding a sharp object, each slice reduces the materials in its path. Air crackles with static electricity and the smell of ozone as molecules are torn apart and metal alloys deconstruct. The effect is even metaphysical; cutting a wedding ring can reduce love or conflicting emotions after a divorce, cutting a person reduces their egos and defense mechanisms and forces them to confront their true nature.
97Wandering mindCan seamlessly traverse between the physical world and the metaphysical worlds, such as the astral plane, logical/Socratic plane, etc.
98Were-horrorAt twilight, or out in the wilds, or down a dark alley, or in all the other scary places and hidden corners, they become something else. It is never any single animal, or even an animal at all. It's form is something unique, that represents the archetypal fear of the place it is in. The more frequently they take the same form, the more revealed the form, and the less powerful it becomes.
99Zeno marathonAny person or object on their trajectory must run the zeno marathon. In order for the object to reach them, it must pass half the distance between them and it. In order to do that, they must pass half the distance between half the distance, and half that, and so on, until their movement must be infinitely small and in fact logically cannot even begin.
100Zero-point energyCan manipulate the Brownian motion-like free energy in the vacuum of space derived from Heisenberg uncertainty.


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