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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Underdark Ocean Island Auto-Generator

Another coding project of other awesome creators' works! See also Revelations of the Mononoke Princess Auto-Generators, Hubris Auto-Generators, Sharp Swords & Sinister Spells Character Auto-Generator and Monster Auto-Generator.

Underdark Ocean Isalnd Generator, originally created by The Mance

Generate an Underdark Ocean Island:

NOTE: I used the altered rule by Anne of DIY & Dragons for the inhabitants, where 1-6 are from the original table, and 7-10 means uninhabited

Friday, August 23, 2019

Revelations of the Mononoke Princess Auto-Generators

I was really into hmmmarquis' OD&D hack: Revelations of the Mononoke Princess. It's a fairly simple hack that could probably be applied to other versions of OSR or bolted onto other relatively simple games, and is evocative of the classic anime movie Princess Mononoke. The Harmony / Ambition / Hatred mechanic reminds me of the Karma system from the Japanese tabletop RPG Tenra Bansho Zero, and the exploration of these kinds of themes is something I have been fascinated with for a long time. I actually have a karma game / setting idea of my own I've been sitting on, and this may be the inspiration I needed to go for it!

What I also like about this hack, in addition to it being simple and evocative of karmic themes, is also how the mechanics lend themselves to organic worldbuilding. The features of the Kami-Gods, Demons, and Great Forest Spirits flesh out the world and give players motivations, as do the curses, and one could easily build a campaign just from that.

Given how much I appreciated hmmmarquis' work on this, I decided to code up an automatic generator for it! From this, you can create 1st level characters, Kami-Gods, Demons, Great Forest Spirits, Benign Spirits, and God-Curses. In later versions I would like to make it more flexible, like picking specific classes or allowing higher level characters.

Generators for Revelations of the Mononoke Princess by

NOTE: Characters are assumed to be level 1, have HD of 1d6, AC starts at 9 and is THAC0, and stats may be modified by class. For Monk, AC assumes no armor.

Choose a character type

Generate a RotMP character:

Generate a God-Curse:

Sunday, August 18, 2019

High Level Games: 3 Unique Variations on "The Crawl"

I forgot to post about this sooner, but I wrote another article for HLG! This one is about rethinking "The Crawl" in tabletop RPGs, and how that design goal in the abstract can be applied to different kinds of games. It was inspired by my recent game Pixels & Platforms: The Platform Crawl RPG, my submission for DREAMJAM on With that game, I took the base mechanics of Lasers & Feelings, generally considered a "storygame", but applied a design philosophy of retro-2D platformer videogame Stage-as-Dungeon to create an experience intended to be more like OSR. While it has undergone revisions, it is still definitely a work in progress, but I hope that people will check it out, play it, and provide feedback, or also use it as a springboard for their own Crawl ideas.

Monday, August 12, 2019

Hubris GM Section Auto-Generators

With Mike Evans' (of DIY RPG Productions) blessing, I have created auto-generators for the entire GM section back content of the Hubris RPG!

In some cases I may have flattened the probabilities or made slight tweaks to wording or organization, but for the most part this is a straight adaptation of the back content.

Hubris is an awesome gonzo OSR RPG setting, but where it really shines is with all of its excellent generators, so having them automatized will be a really useful resource for the community.

If you're reading this and it's shortly after posting, it's possible that the blogger HTML is not playing nice with my code, but stick around because I'll fix it asap!

If you catch any other typos, bugs, or other issues, please let me know!

Last note before I jump into the generators. I recently published a game as part of DREAMJAM on I think it still needs a lot more playtesting and I intend to update it with additional content and iterative improvements, but I think it's pretty cool so please check it out!

It's called Pixels & Platforms: The Platform Crawl RPG, and it's styled after retro-2D platformer videogames, as part what I'm calling a "Platform Crawl" design. While the mechanics are inspired by Lasers & Feelings, my goal is for it to have an OSR-like feel; centered around platform challenges, puzzle solving, deadliness, and player agency.

And with that out of the way, HUBRIS:

All Hubris Random Generators from Chapter Six: GM Tables and Tools

Generate an Ancient and Forgotten Demigod:

Generate a Gang of Bandits, Brigands, and Rapscallions:

Generate a City District:

Generate a Disease of Hubris:

Go Grave Diggin':

Generate an NPC:

Generate a Plane of Hubris:

Generate Camp Effect:

Generate Strange and Interesting Herb:

Generate Tavern or Inn:

Generate Vial:

Generate Instatown / Village:

Generate Strange and Ominous Ruins:

Generate Declaration of Years by the Keeper of Transcended Time: