I thought I would start with this awesome piece of art for one of the gods/mythic beings from my campaign setting Phantasmos, Mun Jira, present on my Mythic Beings table. I commissioned this from Scrap Princess, who was the artist for one of my favorite tabletop RPG books of all time, Fire on the Velvet Horizon, and has produced many other great works.
Mun Jira is one of the four Ordinal Beasts and the god of impossible light, one of the four ordinal elements (present on my Materials table).
Impossible light is a physical force from another universe, somewhat comparable to electromagnetism. It can vaguely be described as a spectrum perpendicular to the visible light spectrum, intersecting at green, such that the low end is infra-green and the high end ultra-green. However, this is just how the visual system of mortals transduces impossible light, and not an “objective” representation of it. The visual system of mortals was not meant to process impossible light- longterm exposure can lead to visual impairment and thought disorder. It is also a source of energy to impossible organisms, and is the metaphysical embodiment of subjective perception.
Mun Jira is a god of great power and potential, self aware and reflective, and yet is so deeply rooted in his own subjective perception of reality, that he has never been able to overcome his self-defeating tendencies.