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Monday, April 15, 2019

30 Day Challenge: Day 25-26 Potions

Was too tired yesterday, so two today! I'm glad that this 30-day challenge has kept me creating (almost) every day, even if just a little bit, but I am glad it's wrapping up so I don't feel beholden to this format. Hopefully these challenges will give me a lot of material to work with for the future.

First I'm going to do potions. I'm going to try doing it in a bit more of a semiurge format, but with only 5 minutes we'll see how far I get:

NOTE: Rather than do a separate list for day 26, I decided to spend 5 more minutes on this one

The color of the potion is:

  • red
  • green
  • blue
  • indigo
  • violet
  • white
  • black
  • translucent
  • pink
  • brown


  • metallic
  • cloudy
  • crisp
  • sparkling
  • bubbling
  • glowing 
  • dirty

It smells like:

  • a nostalgic memory
  • a toxic spill
  • regret
  • a memory you wanted to forget
  • something you've always wanted
  • something you didn't know you wanted
  • something you didn't know you never wanted

When you drink it:

  • You experience time as a narrow window (~6 seconds or less) rather than as a moment
  • You gain hyper-proprioception and the ability to consciously control autonomic processes
  • Another version of yourself from the multiverse goes into toxic shock as you gain their strength
  • You go into toxic shock and another version of yourself from the multiverse gains your strength
  • Your gut becomes a wormhole to the Macromicrobiome dimension, like the astral plane for gut microbiomes. Your gut is directly connected to everyone else who has drank this potion, and you gain gut-related "psychic" powers.
  • Your molecules disperse throughout the multiverse (or just universe) but still operate cohesively
  • Your mind dissolves into super-heavy cosmic sludge, like a dense ooze, that falls until it collapses against something sufficiently heavy, or is contained in an adamantine, orichalcum, or some other sufficiently strong frame.

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