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Friday, April 12, 2019

30 Day Challenge: Day 22-23 Pain Demons and Things With Weird Faces

Meant to do a 5 minute challenge yesterday in addition to the Aquarian Dawn post, but then I made the mistake of only having one coffee yesterday and went through a surprisingly rough caffeine withdrawal that I am still feeling even as I finally consume another cup of coffee (it's cafe du monde though, so not 100% coffee, trying to cut back...).

Anyway, so that will either make these two surprisingly good, or barren, as I struggle to work past the searing pain and mental fog.

Pain Demons
  • A foggy cloud of energy that enshrouds you and shocks you. The shocks are not superficial, they target nerve tracks and send unique pain signal cascades along your whole body
  • A fiery, humanoid salamander with a phlogisten whip. Each lick of the whip induces searing, white-hot burns. Somehow, it preserves nerves and keeps the brain from going into shock. Each burn on the same location hurts worse than the last
  • A frost hag who makes the environment frigid cold. Her warm, inviting cabin is always just over the horizon, always seemingly the closest and most desirable place. It walks on long bird-legs, obscured by objects or distance, moving in-track with her prey.

Things With Weird Faces
  • A human with the face of a shark
  • A fish with the face of a human
  • A human with an upside-down face
  • A human with a perfectly smooth face
  • A human with cartilage for eye sockets, the eyes bob and roll in place
  • A dog with a bird-like beak
  • A goblin with an extendable jaw like a goblin shark
  • A cat with an unhingeable jaw like a snake
  • A human whose face is sideways
  • A human face stretched across a rectangular surface
  • A mask of a perfectly preserved human face
  • A face where the skin strains tightly against the skull

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