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Thursday, October 18, 2018

Weird & Wonderful Weapon Hack 2.0: Phantasmos Version

Given the positive reception towards my Weird & Wonderful Weapon Hack, I've decided to make a new version! This version contains new Qualities unique to the Phantasmos setting,  but I'm also changing a few rules from the original hack. I think many of the Phantasmos-specific Qualities could be re-worded to be more generic, but many of the new Qualities are generic and mundane. For the Phantasmos-specific Qualities, some good points of reference would be the Materials, Character Classes, and Crafted Items tables.

Also, I've beefed up the auto-generators! In addition to randomly generating a base form or a single quality, there is now a generator to generate a full weapon with a random base form and any number of Qualities of each cost! It still needs more work (which will hopefully be in the 3.0 version), but for now I think it's pretty cool!

EDIT: I recently posted a table of 20 Unique Weapons, generated using this hack! Each weapon additionally has a plot hook written for it, the idea being that any of these weapons could have a whole adventure told around them!

Rule Changes
  • Ranged Qualities separated and rules changed.
  • Renamed or reworked some of the original Qualities.
  • Added a bunch of new Qualities!


Select a base form:

Select individual qualities:

Generate Full Weapon
NOTE1: Meridian Metal and Sentient Qualities removed since they have variable costs and other considerations.
NOTE2: Currently will only sample any given Quality once, so Qualities that can be stacked would need to be done manually.
NOTE3: Currently does not account for Qualities that have prereqs, so either ignore or manually replace.
NOTE4: I'm sure there are some bugs, so please let me know if you find any!
Number of 0 Cost Qualities:
Number of 1 Cost Qualities
Number of 2 Cost Qualities
Number of 3 Cost Qualities
NOTE: Currently the only 3 Cost Quality is Siege


D3Base FormBase Qualities
1Light1d4, +1 AB, One-handed, Concealable as free Quality
2Medium1d6, One-handed
3Heavy1d8, Two-handed

D100Qualities ListDescriptionCost
1AnimalMade of or contains elements of animal life (e.g. bone, teeth, blood, skin or muscle tissue) or is a living animal.0
2AnthropomorphicHas features vaguely reminiscent of a humanoid face or humanoid body part.0
3BronzeMade of bronze. On a critical fail (natural 1 on 1d20) against stronger metals (such as iron or steel), it breaks.0
4CarbonMade of a carbon.0
5ColorfulIs an unusual color.0
6CookingDesigned in some way for cooking (e.g. butcher knife, paring knife).0
7CraftingDesigned in some way for carpentry and other crafting (e.g. screwdriver, saw) 0
8Devil-WaterRequires devil-water.0
9EdibleCan be eaten.0
10ElectricalRequires electricity.0
11FarmingDesigned in some way for farming (e.g. rake, spade, shovel).0
12FragrantSmells good.0
13FungalMade of or contains elements of fungal life or is a living fungus.0
14GlassMade of glass. On critical fail (natural 1 on 1d20) it shatters. Against any surface harder than a human body, this increases to 1-4 on a 1d20.0
15GreasyIs always greasy. On critical fail (natural 1 on 1d20), is dropped.0
16IronMade of iron.0
17LaserMade of hard light or projects beams of light.0
18LoudProduces annoying noises when carried; painfully loud when used.0
19OrnamentalAs Stylish or Unique Appearance, but not designed for practical use. On critical fail (natural 1 on 1d20), it shatters or breaks.0
20PlantMade of or contains elements of plant life or is a living plant (excludes normal Wood).0
21PlasticMade of hard plastic.0
22ReflectiveReflects light and can be used as a mirror.0
23SingingSoftly hums or unintelligibly sings. The tune never gets old. Knows when to be quiet... usually...0
24SonicMade of hard sound or projects bursts of sound (not the same as Loud).0
25Static ChargeOften builds up a mildly painful static charge (not the same as Electric).0
26Steam-PoweredRequires steam.0
27SteelMade of steel.0
28StickyIs always sticky.0
29StinkySmells bad.0
30StoneMade of generic gray stone. On a critical fail (natural 1 on 1d20) against metals, it breaks.0
31TastyFun to lick.0
32UglyHas an especially unattractive or even gross appearance.0
33UnpalatableTastes especially bad.0
34WeirdHas weird properties or a weird appearance (can be anything appearance-based on the table, or something not on the table).0
35WhisperingWhispers unintelligibly when brought close to the ear.0
36WoodMade of wood (not the same as Elemental: Wood). Lightweight (half encumberance), but generally not good for cutting.0
37AttachedAttached to gauntlet or armor, leaving hand free.1
38BondedWeapon only usable by owner, cannot be removed from person without consent.1
39BreakingCan be used to target and break objects at no disadvantage.1
40ChainsawPrereq: Devil-Water, Electrical, Steam-Powered, or Wavepunk. Has fast-moving serrations along a chain. As Breaking against anything softer than iron (or relative to what it's made from).1
41Cold IronMade of Cold Iron. +1 AB and +1 DMG against Fey.1
42ConcealableCan be hidden from view.1
43ConcussiveCreates a burst of sound or light on impact to deafen/blind/temporarily stun.1
44ElectricGenerates electricity.1
45Elemental: AirHas properties related to air (e.g. can subtly manipulate winds, harness electricity).1
46Elemental: EarthHas properties related to earth (e.g. benefits to mining).1
47Elemental: FireHas properties related to fire (e.g. produces heat/light, can cause burning).1
48Elemental: MetalHas properties related to metal (e.g. benefits to blacksmithing).1
49Elemental: WaterHas properties related to water (e.g. can extinguish fires).1
50Elemental: WoodHas properties related to wood/plants (e.g. benefits to gardening, nature traversal).1
51FlexibleWhip or whip-like; Range (close), AoE (close), Stunning (binding), Unwieldy (-2 AB).1
52Focused AreaAoE can be focused in a line, cone, etc. Each upgrade allows a different option.1
53Focused DamageAoE can be focused to only target specific creatures or objects. Each upgrade allows greater flexibility.1
54GlowingCan be used to provide illumination (as torch).1
55ImpactingEach upgrade increases range of knockback (close, short, medium, long).1
56IntoxicatingEating or even tasting it can cause intoxication (poison saving throw).1
57InvisibleCannot be seen (even by owner/wielder).1
58LargeDesigned for large-sized creatures. Medium-sized creatures take -1 AB, small- creatures cannot use this weapon.1
59Long RangeCan attack targets up to long range, -2 AB at close range.1
60MagicalHas general magical properties.1
61Medium RangeCan attack targets up to medium range, -1 AB at close range.1
62MobileCan (slowly/clumsily) move autonomously when not in use.1
63Multi-ColoredIs multiple unusual colors.1
64MutilatingSerration or other features cause sustained wounds and mutilation.1
65ObsidianMade of obsidian. As Glass, but +1 damage.1
66PhlogistenGlowing-hot from red to violet or white. Incredibly hot, but must be fed hot materials once a day or it will dissolve.1
67PoisonousCan cause poisoning.1
68Prasium CrystalHas a neon green crystal which emits small amounts of impossible light radiation.1
69ReachCan be used at close range or thrown at no disadvantage.1
70Short RangeCan attack targets up to short range with no disadvantage at close range.1
71SilencedThe weapon produces little to no sound on projection or impact.1
72SmallDesigned for small-sized creatures. Medium-sized creatures take -1 AB, large+ creatures cannot use this weapon.1
73StunningCan be used non-lethally to incapacitate at no disadvantage.1
74StylishLooks especially cool.1
75SuppressingCreates an obstacle to those in weapon range. -2 AB to anyone in range.1
76Unique AppearanceMay be a well known item or associated with a well-known person or faction.1
77Aether MetalA softly glowing and humming white metal. Detritus levitates around it. Does not count towards encumberance. Utilized by aether dragoons. 2
78Area of effectMay hit all targets in close range.2
79AstriumPrereq: Edged weapon. Can be used to access/enter the astral plane. Utilized by mystics and psycho-knights.2
80Byzma MetalWhile wearing Byzma metal armor, the weapon can be thrown/projected and will behave in a programmed way (e.g. boomerang)2
81DeadlyEach upgrade increase attack die (up to d10).2
82Elementa: Liquid StarfireHas properties related to liquid starfire. Successful hit lowers target Dexterity by X for 1dX minutes (where X = number of applications of this quality).2
83Elemental: Absolute SolidHas properties related to absolute solid. Successful hit lowers target Charisma by X for 1dX minutes (where X = number of applications of this quality).2
84Elemental: Anti-InformationHas properties related to anti-information. Successful hit lowers target Intelligence by X for 1dX minutes (where X = number of applications of this quality).2
85Elemental: Impossible LightHas properties related to impossible light. Successful hit lowers target Wisdom by X for 1dX minutes (where X = number of applications of this quality).2
86Elemental: NullNot is. Successful hit lowers target Strength by X for 1dX minutes (where X = number of applications of this quality).2
87Fuchsia Phosphene CrystalCan produce fuchsia light, which can be utilized by Fuchsia Phosphenomenologists.2
88IFODPrereq: Light base form. Can be used as a wind instrument to produce inverse-frequency noise. Utilized by jammers.2
89ImpossigenFilled with super-cold, lightweight impossigen. In normal physics -2 AB, under a-logical physics +2 AB.2
90MasterworkEach upgrade +1 AB.2
91Nanotube SteelMade of nanotube steel. This is an ancient, lost technique. As Masterwork 1, Deadly 1.2
92NoxiumFilled with noxium gas. If punctured/released, +2 damage and 1 in 100 chance to induce anti-mutation. Starting ammo 10.2
93PenetratingIgnore armor. With second upgrade, ignore shields. AC otherwise still applies.2
94Radio TransmissionCan be used as a radio. Utilized by priests of Lamarr and materialists to control ancient electronic devices and robots.2
95ShogliteIs actually a mimic. Can shapeshift into other items of a similar size. Treat additionally as Bonded.2
96SpellbreakingCan silence spells/spellcasters on successful attack.2
97WavepunkHas keys, gears, knobs, and chains arranged and moving paradoxically. Utilized by materialists, zoomers, and phreakers to access wavespace.2
98SiegeCan be used to break open structures.3
99Meridian MetalA soft metal, not good for attacking, but channels phreaking magic (contains a spell as a wand).spell level
100SentientHas some degree of sentience (cost 1 = impressionistic/animal-like, cost 2 = human-like, cost 3 = superhuman).varies

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  1. Whoa! This is great. I didn't even know you could insert this sort of code within Blogger. Are you using something specific or is Blogger just naturally offering it and I am just not seeing people using it?

    1. When you're writing a blogger blog post, you should see a tab near the top left that has compose on one side and HTML on the other. If you switch to the HTML tab, you can insert HTML/css/java code. So for instance, this code below is for the input box for zero-cost qualities:

      Then I create a variable based on that input value, and in a loop sample zero-cost qualities by that value:

      var zeroidx = document.getElementById("zeroQual").value;

      That's truncated, there's some stuff in between, but that's generally the way it works. I'm still fairly new to HTML/css/java but if you have other questions let me know!

    2. Woops, I made the code comments and then most of it didn't show up haha, but when I tried posting the code in there, it wouldn't work because blogger limits what code can be run through comments. Anyway, ya if you have questions let me know and I can send you the HTML file or something like that...