Sunday, July 29, 2018

My Party

A while back I commissioned these sprites from Harveydentmd on fiverr, of the player characters in my Phantasmos campaign. I wanted to share these amazing sprites, and also show what a party in Phantasmos can be! Also, you'll notice a recurring theme, that all of these characters have a history of being "outsiders". That wasn't my intention, nor was it planned, but it's awesome how these underlying themes can come out in the game!

Adeinyantis: A cyborg cat from the Feline Republic, a nation of intelligent cyborg cats off the meridian system whose society is based on Plato's Republic (the Feline Republic was the player's creation and not part of Phantasmos 'canon', but this is exactly the kind of thing I encourage players to do). While faithful to the Republic and a strong warrior, he questions their isolationist policies, and often struggles with the level of personal restraint expected in his society. He decided leave the Feline Republic to train as a jammer, so that he could better protect the Republic from outside threats. Eventually, he reconciles with the leaders of the Republic, including his "brother" Meowkhan, who has begun enacting some of Adeinyantis' suggested policy changes. Several kitten soldiers have since joined the parties crew, helping to man their fey wood airship.

Otgonbayar: A kobold theta from the Dogu Kingdom, who is also practiced in plant-based magics and gardening. He has bred a thorn-spitting plant which he uses as his primary weapon, and has a palm-sized, bulbous, animate plant-pet named Hank, who toots pleasant aromas and poops delicious fruit. At some point in his adventure, he acquired the purple corn infection, turning his skin purple and giving him a uni-corn. He is brash and violent, over-compensating for his feelings of being an outsider as a child, as a kobold amongst dogu. After the dogu mafia, in collaboration with the harlequinade kurobozu, overthrew the dogu government and turned the kobold community into a ghetto, Otgonbayar came home to free his people. The party took over the chronix drug trade, and used their own mafia status to organize a treaty between the kobolds and two factions of fonce resistance zoomers. This led to an organized kobold rebellion, leading to the formation of the kobold free state.

Alithea: A quenduin fuchsia phosphenomenologist. Exceptionally brilliant, and also exceptionally eccentric, ze left zirs home to explore the world. Ze has been missing from the paraverse for some time, but prior to this, ze played a crucial role in convincing the God Mutant into wiping itself from the paraverse, currying favor with the Grim General in Blue, and organizing an alliance with the martial scientists of the School of Hyperbolic Orange.

Arpaia: A dogu apoptomancer. While dogu society generally values applied science and engineering, he was more interested in the questions of basic science, and studied in the tartarian kingdom. Now an explorer, his time spent in the tartarian kingdom is reflected in his tartarian robes and hair-style. He was unknowingly wrapped up in a plot between the dogu mafia and harlequinade kurobozu, and had the egg of hundun implanted in him. Eventually, the egg was released, and now exists as his dog-sized, termite-like, void-bolt shooting companion, Dougle. 

Ulaba: A humanoid moose-mutant chrono dragoon. He was part of a military faction in the quenduin desert from another part of the paraverse, who became stranded in this paraversal moment after a mission gone bad. After learning of the political machinations behind his outfit as part of the Doppelganger organization Shakhs Makadie, he chose to stay with the party and finish what they had started, rather than return to his war-ridden home.

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