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Thursday, August 20, 2020

Bastionland NPC Generator (and Maximum Recursion Depth Generators)

I was inspired by Chris Mcdowall's Mash-Up Character Method and decided to create an NPC generator for my new game (hacked from the Electric Bastionland ruleset), Maximum Recursion Depth.

However, because MRD takes place in (almost) the real world, I decided to first create a version that creates NPCs for basically any setting, at least any real-world setting, but could probably be tweaked fairly easily for many fantasy or sci-fi settings.

EDIT: The first two were broken for a sec, hopefully all good now...

EDIT2: Forgot to credit spwack for facilitating the javascript stuff

In Maximum Recursion Depth, the party are recursers, people with special Karmic powers derived from their Poltergeist Forms. Many recursers work part-time as Poltergeist Investigators; people who search for lost poltergeists, or poltergeists who were sent to the wrong court (of the Numberless Courts of Hell) or assigned an unfair reincarnation. They are often hired by clients, hence a Poltergeist Investigator Client Generator. In effect, this is also an adventure prompt generator for MRD. Combine the above NPC generator with the below generators to produce an investigation and produce a Court of Hell, and you basically have an MRD adventure!

I intend to keep tweaking these, but the versions posted here have been added as additional files on the MRD page linked above, and I will continue to add to and improve these.

 At Kyana's suggestion, the next version of this will include a version where all the parts are combined into a single generator for ease of use specifically in MRD, but I figured a lot of people would probably want the NPC Generator on its own for other uses.

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