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Monday, April 1, 2019

30 Day Challenge Day: 10-11

I missed the weekend for my 30 day challenge! I'm going to do two today and two tomorrow to make up for it! I also have another full post that I will hopefully put out some time today or tomorrow.

The first five-minute challenge will be "One Weird Thing" to give your character some distinctive characteristic.

  • Wears a watch that is atomically synchronized to another universe
  • Irises of the eyes reflect like a mirror
  • Skin occasionally flushes with pulses of blood
  • Has mineraly or metallic hair or nails
  • One eye is like a magic eightball
  • Has an animated tattoo (that maybe can also change its form or place)
  • Wears an outfit made of their own hair
  • Wears a necklace that is actually a mimic

Those ones were ok, I think I'm rusty from the weekend.

Second five-minute challenge will be deranged dimensions (I don't really know how deranged they'll be I just liked the alliteration).

  • Alcohol dimension: Oceans of wine, frothy beer waterfalls, whiskey swamps, crystal vodka streams. Alcohol vapors in the air.
  • Methane dimension: A gaseous world of gaseous beings and overwhelming odors. 
  • Pink dimension: Everything is pink.
  • Paper dimension: A world like the paper mario videogames. Everything is a paper cutout or diorama.
  • Multi-dimension: Reality is like a split-screen TV or multi-display screen. A day plays out in multiple ways simultaneously and interactively, or a series of days interact non-linearly.
Could use some work, but the last one in particular has potential...

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