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Friday, April 5, 2019

30 Day Challenge: Day 16 Domesticated "Animals"

Semiurge once again gave me some good prompts (as a comment on Day 12-13), so i'll try to explore these soon. I think I'll start with domesticated "animals":

  • Like a dolphin, but skinnier and covered in a thin layer of fur, and walks on dog-like legs
  • A dog-sized parrot with a raptor-like body that hops but cannot fly*
  • A hairless metallic blue cyclops monkey with swirly-pads on its hands
  • A stunted frog in a large but permanently tadpole-like state. Playful and surprisingly intelligent
  • A techno-organic creature, vaguely like a cat. Because of some weird noise in its training data and some issues with convergence in the layers of the neural network, it occasionally freaks out for seemingly no reason (like a cat)
  • A basilisk that's had its gorgon-abilities removed
  • A lobotomized goblin
  • A goblin-dog (a goblin subspecies that has been bred into a grotesque, Cronenbergian dog-like form)
I'm pretty happy with this list, and again I think outside of the five-minute challenge, with a bit more research and work this could be a cool concept for a future post. Thanks semiurge!

* This is a real thing and it's kinda cute but also freaks me the fuck out because I have a weird thing about birds, but anyway I'm not sure why this doesn't show up more in fantasy fiction because it looks like it should.

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