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Tuesday, April 2, 2019

30 Day Challenge Day: 12-13

Making up for the weekend still, I've got two challenges today!

First up, elementals:

  • Shit elemental: An urban legend in the sewers. An amorphous thing, stewing in the drains, streaming along the walls, best identified by its scent. A cog in the biomantic network machine.
  • Spice elemental: The fragrant essence of  the dried and crushed young of treants and other intelligent plants.
  • Herb elemental: The leaf, the organ of breath and food for a plant, in elemental form.
  • Fruit elemental: A vehicle of sugars sacrificed to vicious animals in order to spread its seed, the fruit elemental is the ultimate form of plant expansion.
  • Machine elemental: Is it a golem, an AI, an android, or a machine god? It is not merely a machine, but the concept of machine brought to life.

Next, thematic god concepts:

  • God of learning from ones mistakes: Appears as an elder, someone with wisdom, with damages from fraught years.
  • God of self-acceptance: A being both ugly and beautiful.
  • God of forward thinking: An alien thing, that one finds either disturbing, or intriguing.
  • God of self-improvement: Always in a state of flux, but slowly, manifesting subtly over years. It can only be perceived by those who have significantly changed at some point in their adult life. Others deny its existence altogether.


  1. More suggestions for challenges if you're running low:

    Unconventional dungeons/strongholds

    Gods & spirits

    Ways of doing magic

    Human variants like cyclopses, monopods, panotti

    Cultural quirks

    Domesticated animals and not-quite animals

    1. Wait shit I forgot you already did gods delete this

    2. Well my other gods thing was very abstract, I could probably do a followup just trying to come up with actual gods from those "god concepts". These are good suggestions, I'll see what I can do, thanks!