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Monday, April 8, 2019

30 Day Challenge: Day 17-18 Ways of Doing Magic and Odd Animal martial art styles

I've been bad about weekends, so again I'll be doing two today, two tomorrow.

Following up on Semiurge's suggestions, I'm going to try to come up with some ways of doing magic (e.g. Vancian, divine/prayer, mana, etc.). This is more conceptual than explicitly mechanical, but there is still sort of an inherently mechanical component and I often struggle with combining those things, so I have a feeling this is going to be a rough one...

  • Morse code eye blink magic
  • Magic as code
  • Magic as machine learning (playing off the idea of magic as metaphysical entities, except instead of spirit creatures, magical beings are trained neural networks)
  • Libertarian self-actualization paladin
  • Magic where you gain power by defeating monsters, and can summon the monsters to serve you temporarily, but then you lose their power (XP/levels) after expending the summon
  • Magic that breaks the logic of the game (magic that involves using mechanics from other games, swapping character sheets, in other ways breaking the meta and fiction of the game)
  • Magic that comes from the player having to sing / karaoke (or dance- I recommend including alcohol)
  • Magic that comes from the player being drunk and/or high

Ok, that turned out alright. Some of these are ideas I've talked about before but it's a decent set.

And next we have an unrelated idea I came up with, for Shaolin-style martial arts based on odd animals (no serpent, crane, or monkey here...)

  • Pistol Shrimp style: Gun-kata
  • Mantis Shrimp style: SMASH!
  • Hyena style: Laughing, banter, using noises as a way of manipulating your opponent
  • Squid style: Use liquids (when present) or in some other way try to blind your opponent
  • Ostrich style: Emphasis on strong kicks
  • Walrus style: Sumo-like style
  • Orca style: Rhythmic cycling of open-palm strikes based on harmonics 
I think 6 months ago or so when I was watching a ton of David Attenborough documentaries this one would have been better, but I think it still turned out alright. It would also be fun to follow up on this with martial arts styles based specifically on D&D / fantasy monsters.

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