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Saturday, October 9, 2021

MRD: Reincarnation Ritual Recursion Attachments Generator

With the VERY SOON RELEASE of Maximum Recursion Depth, one thing I knew I wasn't satisfied with in the Ashcan release was the Reincarnation Rituals. I want them to be more than just "get out of jail free cards", they should actually add something to the game.

What I decided was that every time a PC relies on their Reincarnation Ritual (other than for leveling), they have to take a Reincarnation Attachment. These are Karmic Attachments, either randomly generated or they can be custom-made circumstantially by the GM, which do not cause the PC to accrue Karma and do not divest Karma when resolved, but which should add an interesting character-related "plot" element / game-hook, and which must be resolved in order to level.

So this way, if a PC uses their Reincarnation Ritual to escape death, they're going to carry some extra baggage with them, but hopefully, that baggage should at least be gameable and interesting.

This generator is by no means definitive, as is I don't think it has quite enough variability, and some of the wording is awkward. Also, it's better to make Reincarnation Rituals that tie specifically into the PC's backstory or the events of the campaign. This is more just for inspiration / as a point of reference.


  1. This is nice idea.
    Also happy to hear that MRD is soon to be ready.

    1. Ya I vastly underestimated the time cost of scheduling and various logistics 😅, but we really are so so close to publishing...

      In retrospect I wish I had fleshed this out more and added it into the book, but it was already running long, so for now it's on the blog as-is.

  2. Came for the title of the post and was not disappointed!
    This sounds like an awesome game, and what a great generator!

    1. Thanks, glad you like it :)! The game will be out on drivethrurpg very very soon!!!