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Sunday, June 4, 2023

Weird & Wonderful Wavelengths (Variety Show s1e4)


Sometimes you just have to take it easy.

I haven't posted in a while, so this is just a collection of random slush pile stuff.

Heaven is here (and it has a waitlist)
I will come back to this idea after I've read TechGnosis and/or some of Erik Davis' other stuff.

A kaiju born from the insemination of a planet by tungsten rod kinetic bombardment.

If history recorded myriad Mandela Effects, generation over generation, how would we ever know? Collectively, the world is waking up to the hyperreality of its own creation, history and the present reality rewriting itself in real time.

The gods of this world are created every time someone says "I wish I had someone to talk to about this".

Under what conditions would ants or other insect-life "go to war" against humanity? What would that look like?

How can an "intelligent" carnivorous plant compete against animals? Plant as trap as dungeon as system. Something like a literal or symbolic pitcher plant?

Noah's ark did not succeed, the world starts over with new animals. The old animals in cryogenic slumber in the deep ocean.
Alien and monstrous things?

God's Breath as a Hilbert Space wave medium as a means of travelling at faster than light speeds, outside spacetime as we know it, powered by an engine of Oneness and Love.

Some ghosts are not of people, but dead ideas, emotions, memories, and dreams.

A world of intelligent birds. The PCs are humans isekaid into this world that was not designed for them, that they barely understand, and with limited means of communication. They exist on the fringe of this alien avian world, in its seedy underbelly. Elements of cyberpunk, and a more modern kind of existential and/or cosmic horror.

In Jewish mysticism, the things a mother sees or imagines before conception influence the nature of the child. A species or magic of resonance, a genetic encoding or universal consciousness driven by imagination.

Gold or some other metal or material that's a piece of the sun.

Magic pinocchio / scarface dummy carved from "the world tree", yggdrasil, etc.

Undeath as an absolute ignorance towards one's own non-existence.

Roving gangs of raptor-like salarymen.

The tree of knowledge of good and evil and the forbidden fruit were not plant life at all, but skeleton and heart, the conscious awareness that to live is to end many lives while only living one, to mutilate and destroy bodies not unlike one's own.

Weird Seasons
"Seasons" caused not by change in energy, but other cyclical processes with different effects (or epiphenomenon of regular seasons). See Weird Colors.
  • Different chemical composition of the air.
  • Bacteria or Fungal blooms that dye surfaces or the atmosphere different colors. Change the "taste" of the air and other things.
  • Major biome changes.

Soft Math
Let's take a quick break from all this heavy stuff. Sit back, relax, enjoy the smooth dulcet tones of soft math.
If you actually are interested in what Uncertainty is about, without all the baggage and preconceived notions and nonsense that comes with a pop sci understandings of quantum physics.

Game Stuff

Setting or mechanics meant to explain and explore complectity, the complexity of stateful systems.

Game mechanics involving touch.

OSR/fantasy classes:
  • The Carnival King
  • The May Queen
  • The Fool

Our universe is colonized by the USA (United Spacetimes of America), who have used bribery of world leaders and propaganda to enact a soft power takeover. FIST and CYCLOPS must work together, in secret, and with limited outside support, to take down USA.
  • MC Bradley Buzch: Appropriative skater-punk / graffiti artist (JSRF-style) sponsored by Anheuser-Busch-Americorp NLC (non-liable company).
  • Amerikarate™ Master: From the Mars colony on America XXX, an assimilated alien and master of the ancient authentic martial art Amerikarate™.
  • Nono the Non-Euclidean Clown and the Stormfront Circus.
  • Mecha-Franklin.

And finally, since you've all been asking for it and waiting so patiently, on to the main performance of the night... Pigs.
I'm not even into Minecraft but this is good. Also, there actually will be pigs if I ever write the Animism Setting.


  1. So many good ideas here, so many great jumping off points. Love this one:

    The gods of this world are created every time someone says "I wish I had someone to talk to about this"

    Also the kaiju born from a planet impregnated by rods from god is rad!

    1. Those two are tonally very different lol but ya I like both of those ones as well, thanks!