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Thursday, March 14, 2019

Half-formed ideas from the onenote

Still figuring out the best way to be creatively active and also live my new life. I have a lot of ideas building up, but am definitely out of practice and don't have the time to flesh them all out. I want to do some more appreciation posts, keep building up some prose for Aquarian Dawn, eventually come back to World of Wonders, I've had some more thoughts for Second Exodus, and also more tables. For now, here are some half-formed ideas I'm sitting on.

Undead dreams

A "monk/psionic"-like class based on principles of massage therapy, reiki, and reflexology.

Ceramic-tech (toiletpunk?)
Microbiome / pathogenic / pheremonal communication network
Internet sewer / plumbing network

Cajun Mardi Gras mask tengu

Something with hell ants / vampire ants

Niobids as a fantasy species

German Drak fey-dragon (type of kobold?)

Crustaceans are arthropods but so different looking compared to other arthropods. What about other kinds of animals as arthropods (e.g.arthropod birds, horses, dogs)
"spider-monkey". Spider excretes a fluid that breaks down aether metal, which they weave into armor which allows them to grow much larger and still carry themselves and jump and climb. Eventually evolve into a monkey-like niche

Other elements of salamanders

Tarantula tarantism

Melting moon

Tree of life as Platonic, fractal dimensional representation of the universe; fractal geometry more common in nature than Euclidean.

Siren/mermaid is 100% fish, it's human-like appearance is just to lure humans

Copper-preserved mummies

Play on kubire-oni (hanging suicide oni)

Destrehan (near New Orleans) unsuccessful slave revolt. Slaves heads were put on pikes. Dracula analog with social commentary?

Norcini wandering mystic butchers. Sing in verse to cover the sounds of snapping bones. Combine dambe (Hausa butchers, Nigerian boxing)?

OSR class The Pervert. Deals in sexuality, sexual taboo, sexual imagery. Scarlet letter. Flamboyancy. Bondage gimp. Society begrudgingly tolerates them as a way of defining their social mores by being the exceptions.

Holy War Droid: A droid powered by the blood of soul-bearing life forms or celestial creatures.

A species that exists in the upper atmosphere or in space orbiting the planet that drop to the planet to feed and mate

Awkward/cringe as social horror. Folk monster out of that?

Whale wave-mancers

Black desert
actually singing dunes
sand moving at fast-speed like the sea
silver ants evolve to fill various ecological niches

The demon who doesn't think it's a demon

Magic "fishing" rod to fish out magical items, magical beings, demons, etc.

Dogu "Second City". Believed to be the original heart of the dogu kingdom, back when the positronic city was inhabited by its creators (or some other people).

Broken Node in the meridian system.

Culture which draws misplaced or misshapen facial features on themselves.

Scarring / mutilation as ritualistic worship

Rapa nui Easter island

Tenrec weird vibrating back quills

Taste/flavor-based creatures or species subtypes

Play on radiated tortoise, either “irradiated”, or something fractal or in some other way geometric or extra-dimensional.

Sea Sapphire-based creature. Glows, semi-translucent, can make itself ultraviolet (and effectively invisible).

Click beetle, railroad worm, and bioluminescent fungi.

An actual rain-forest

Barnacle goose myth / bird metamorphosis

SatPunk: An alternate universe where the internet was never invented and satellite TV technology advances accordingly, a la steampunk

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