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Monday, June 10, 2019

OSR Blog Roll Search Engine!

Have you ever tried to find some specific article, but couldn't remember when it was written, or what it was called, or which blog you found it on? Isn't it maddening!? If this has happened to you, hopefully this new search engine will solve your problems!

To the best of my knowledge this does not already exist, but I apologize if somebody has already done this.

I've added a search engine to the footer of my blog which should include all blogs from the OSR blog roll as of 6/10/19.

You have to go to the main page of the blog, not just this article specifically, in order to access it.

I have not done a whole lot of testing on it, so if you think it's broken or missing something please let me know!


  1. It's cool, but you could have saved effort: https://osrsearch.blogspot.com/

    That's linked off of Old School RPG Planet, which also indexes this blog, so you can find it there as a link over on the top right: https://campaignwiki.org/osr/

    1. Dang, so it had already been done after all :/. Should've figured. Actually, I think I've seen that engine before too 0.o. Well, it actually didn't take that long to make, and there may be some differences between their engine and mine, so I'll keep it anyway :).

    2. My blog isn't in their engine, but it is in yours. So the 2 people in the world who would appreciate that thank you.

    3. @walfalcon I added you to my blog list (sidebar) so make that 3 people ;). Glad my engine caught something!

    4. Yeah, I think you have to apply to be added to the other one...

  2. maxcan7: True enough. Different engines can catch different results. No reason not to have two or three, anyway.

    Walfalcon: Alex Schroeder is right. Just ask at campaignwiki.org and they'll add you.

  3. I believe this also does a search. It has been around for a bit: