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Thursday, July 30, 2020

Semiurge-style Generator: Fantastic Flumphs

Inspired by my interview with Semiurge, and as a means of procrastinating on other things I really want to / need to do but am feeling suddenly burnt out on, I have created my first Semiurge-style generator. This is a D6xD6 generator for everyone's favorite monster, the fantastic flumph!

Feast your eyes on the fantastic flumphs!

Generator Tools by Meandering Banter


  1. A touching homage. You've done well.

    Flumphs get too much flak for being “silly”, as though the whole enterprise weren’t silly from top to bottom. Been thinking on how to position them and other Good monsters to fit into morally ambiguous, not necessarily heroic play like treatment always Evil monsters have got.

    t. semiurge, in case phone comment doesn’t show proper name

  2. Viva la flumph. Thank you for the generator.

    I never thought flumph was a silly monster and I wonder if it this perception happened only because flumph turns helpless if flipped over, as other monsters don't have such easy weaknesses.

    The flumph the generator gave me is nice "This flumph has a wispy white mane under its saucer body. As astral librarian it is tasked with maintaining the heretical philosophies. It can be found hibernating in the darkest depths of the abyss when it doesn't pursue its mission to summon the flumph god Fumphl the Voluminous.
    This flumph's special psionic power is mind switch - it can swap bodies with another living creature for up to one day at a time. And it currently glows red - it is angry, it pulses and releases puffs of steam."

    Here, a seed of adventure.

    1. A seed of an adventure born from a randomly generated character or thing is exactly what a Semiurge-style generator should do, thanks!

      This goes to Semiurge's comment above as well, but I do think that flumphs are goofy, but I don't think that makes them bad or takes away from a "serious" world. Having entities like flumphs that are so goofy just give you another way of modifying the parameters of the world, and that can be leveraged. Having goofy flumphs can make the serious an dramatic things that much more poignant. If everything is dramatic and serious, it may as well be that nothing is dramatic and serious. Even the flumphs themselves, though inherently goofy, can be used dramatically in the right contexts.

    2. Sorry for the belated reply.
      I used 'silly' in initial post a sense of 'not fit to be used in anything serious', i.e. I agree that kind-hearted and goofy LG monster can bring dramatic experience.
      All time all grimdark creates apathy, as there is nothing to care about on the long run.

    3. Ya I figured we were basically in agreement. As you said, Viva la Flumph :p!