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Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Quath (Art by Scrap Princess)

After nearly two years, I've finally ordered another commissioned piece of art by Scrap Princess. This is Quath, one of the Four Ordinal Beasts, along with Mun Jira, Mogleth, and Zaphrad (yet to come) from my Phantasmos Campaign Setting (Big Picture, Themes, Key Concepts, Play Reports).

Eventually I'm going to do proper writeups for these mythic beings, or so I've been saying for two years now. I find it difficult to write for these, because her art is so incredible, and so many other writers have already written brilliant things accompanying her brilliant art, that every time I try to write for them, I get writers block. Also, in these last two years, I've much more so prioritized my career over my hobby of RPG writing, and while I have absolutely no regrets about that, I just don't have much regular practice or momentum with real prose writing right now. Probably the only semi-long prose I've written on the blog (not the brief descriptions in my Weird & Wonderful Tables) is A Crawl Through the Dungeon of Impossible Light, and even that is very clunky and cringe-y in certain parts and also not really a complete story, and also something I wrote quite a while ago.

But enough about me, below is Quath! If you want a description, check out the Four Ordinal Beasts link above, until the day when I write something actually worthy of accompanying the art. In addition to the description in that post and the general themes around anti-information and the elements of Phantasmos (as described in the varying hyperlinked posts above and additional posts hyperlinked within those), another visual influence was the concept of denisyuk holograms.


  1. I found it helpful not to think about other writing if I am writing something myself. Such comparison usually hinders the process. Just tell what _you_ think is in this picture or is this picture about.

    1. I understand logically what you are saying, but that's easier said than done lol. I've also just been struggling lately with even the lighter writing that I usually do for this blog. I've got so many ideas I'm sitting on that I just haven't had the focus to properly write up. Thank you for the advice though, hopefully it will eventually work for me!